This is the first in a series about how we approach user guidance at Designware. This one is all about errors. With cake and eggs.

Mmm… cake…

Imagine you got a cake.

Maybe it’s a special occasion, maybe it’s a Friday, or maybe you just thought, “I need a cake in my life right about now.” — There’s never a bad day for cake.

You unwrap your beautiful, decadent cake, tastefully assembled and practically begging for you to take a bite. You grab a fork (or spoon, or shovel, we don’t judge) and oblige…

Then the cake falls to the ground and…

This is the second post in a series where we talk about our approach to user guidance at Designware. Missed the first one about error messages? Bring your fork!

Toast: the best thing since sliced bread. In addition to being warm, crunchy deliciousness, it’s also a great tool for us product designers to deliver short-form contextual notifications.

Unfortunately, too much of any good thing can be bad. Scarfing down too many toasts will make your blood sugar level go up; and if you’re like me, waking up to this in the morning makes your blood pressure go up:


Redesigning the user interface and experience of an indie rhythm game.

Updated Quaver Main Menu


Roles: UI Design, UX Design, Visual Design, User Research, Prototyping
Timeline: 2 weeks in May 2019

Quaver is an indie rhythm game looking to release early next year. Its gameplay loop takes heavy inspiration from other, major rhythm games. In a market filled with casual games with all-frills aesthetics, the team seeks to establish Quaver as a competitive-focused, clean-looking game. As the short-term volunteer designer of the team, I revamped the UI and UX of the game and established a visual identity system for its future development.


Quaver is…

Role: Design Lead | Duration: 2 weeks | Nov — Dec 2018

Ecology District is an app designed for a hypothetical dystopian future. Society lives in an enforced “democracy”: Everyone is given a role and government-controlled work, education, and leisure sessions are mandatory.

Steven Gao

Product Designer at Designware, a next-gen no-code platform for designers. #meta

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